#haha omg #this still gets me every time #but I mean for as crazy as it is, it still is pretty fucking sexy #I mean there is NO bad photo of Jensen #he could make ANYTHING hot


0. 171 cm/5’7 ft
1. Yeess
2. 41 EU size
3. Yes i do 🚬
4. Yes 🍻
5. Perhaps
6. People usually think im older than i really am
7. No
8. Of course
9. Earrings
10. Not really
11. roll1-smoke1 aka jasmin
12. Single
13. Tattoos, nice smile, taller than me, nice clothes and good perfume
14. Shorter/smaller than me, rude, gross teenage mustache/beard
15. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourites, i also like Grease
16. I’ll love you if you get me substances
17. Elvis.. Even though i never knew him
18. Propably when i got a panic attack and i was laying on floor and drooling
19. Im a bit crazy
20. I dont really know
21. My ass
22. A doctor would be nice
23. I don’t have any siblings
24. Good
25. We would get drunk and do some stupid things and laugh very loud drunk laughter to each others jokes
26. When someone listens to shitty music in public
27. I dont really like anyone right now
28. Oh gosh.. She’s annoying and a total bitch. She’s always talking shit about everybody and she has a nasty hair!
29. There are many
30. School gets me really tired
31. “Yep”
32. “Elvis can’t even sing”
33. I dont know, depends on my mood
34. Long hair, long nails, classy style and natural but stylish makeup
35. Tattoos, muscles, sexy eyes, good clothing, nice perfume, adorable smile, good sense of humor and a good ass 😏
36. I would like to live in America, In California, New York or Memphis
37. My body
38. Singer
39. Hmm.. I think Banana Split
40. I wish i could’ve lived in Priscilla Presleys shoes. I think shes the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen!
41. At Graceland
42. Chicken salad
43. ELVIS ARON PRESLEY… Oh god i feel my temperature rising
44. I love old rock n roll